Habonim Dror, sponsored by the LZA and the Habonim Dror Foundation, is a 65-year-old Labor Zionist movement run for and by youth. Habonim Dror currently operates seven camps and 25 local chapters throughout the United States and Canada.

Through informal educational activities in kenim (local chapters), machanot kayitz (summer camps), and Israel programs, the young leadership of Habonim Dror teaches about Zionism, Israel, kibbutz, Judaism, and social responsibility. True to its pioneering spirit, Habonim Dror is now establishing a communal urban settlement in Israel.

Habonim Dror alumni play vital roles at all levels of American and Israeli Jewish communal life.

Habonim Dror has local chapters in Vancouver, Ottawa, Toronto, Hamilton, London, Montreal, Chicago, Ann Arbor/Detroit, New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Baltimore/Columbia, Washington DC, Los Angeles, San Diego, Kingston, Madison, Cleveland, Berekeley, Boston, and Virginia.